Nutty Ciabatta


Go nuts with our super tasty nut bread that uses walnuts or pecans grown locally. Add more flavor with raisins, dried cherries and/or cranberries.

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Add any special requests like specific ingredients you may want or not want. Our Ciabatta bread takes 18 hours to rise so same day orders are not possible.

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Uses the best and freshest locally grown nuts from the Apricot King Orchards- You can find the Apricot King every Saturday at the West Valley College Farmers Market from 9AM to 1PM.

This No-Kneed Ciabatta bread dough rises for 16 hours and creates a richer tasting bread. We will not start making the dough until you order it so please follow the time guidelines to allow time for us to make it fresh for you. All our Ciabatta bread is started a day in advance so order early, it is worth the wait,

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