We start this venture at the end of these uncertain times. We present an opportunity for people who have have had to physically distance with a solution that will allow our local community to start reconnecting. Over the past 23 years we have transformed our family home in Almaden Valley California into a sustainable, edible garden where we grow and create food. Our family has changed to a lifestyle that promotes a healthier way of eating and living that is more in tune with nature. We are now opening part of our home space to share our food and our knowledge to inspire our community with the goal of bonding local neighbors together.

As a first step we are baking bread to order in our newly refurbished kitchen and selling it to our community as a Santa Clara County Health Department Approved Cottage Food Operation. We plan to expand in the future become a home restaurant and venue that will host public dining events, private events, and education for our community of neighbors.

We need your help. We are currently unable to open our home restaurant due to Santa Clara County’s reluctance to adopt the California Law AB 626 that was passed several years ago that allows for homeowners to run a more enhanced food business and restaurant space from their home.

Food has traditionally been the single most important factor that brings people together and creates communities. Therefore, allowing people to sell food from their home and opening home based restaurants is a way to reconnect our neighborhood. Santa Clara County still needs to adopt the California Law AB 626 that will allow home based restaurants. This will change our neighborhoods in a very profound way. By allowing home cooks to open their kitchens and make meals for their neighbors will not only create new small business owners, but also reconnect our communities so we can finally get to know our neighbors, have dialogue and be a support for one another. The more home doors that are open the more that our community can change and heel in a very positive way.

Please click here to support the Cook Alliance to allow home based restaurants in Santa Clara County via  AB 626 (MEHKO), a law that was passed in the state of California 2 years ago but has not yet been adopted in Santa Clara County as of yet.  https://www.cookalliance.org/