Cinnamon Keto Rolls


Cinnamon Keto Rolls:A decadent treat yet still is in line with your Keto diet. The rolls are fluffy and lined with a rich, melty layer of cinnamon. Our dough contains Organic Vital Wheat Gluten making it very high in protein with very little carbs. Choose your flour: Almond, Coconut or a combo of flours. NOTE: These rolls are NOT Gluten Free”

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Normally each roll has 1 Tbsp of monk fruit sugar, unsalted butter and a generous amount of organic cinnamon. Select your sweetness preference below

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We use all organic flours when available including our Organic High Protein Vital Wheat Gluten from the Central Milling Company. All our rolls are made to your preferences and dietary needs. Choose your pick up time and receive them fresh from our oven.

Each roll equals one serving. Nutrition facts does not include additions


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