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Our suppliers for our bakes, supporting our local Eco-system

When I am choosing ingredient suppliers for our breads my concern is not for the price, but rather for the quality of the product, the location of the supplier and how it benefits our local area and our planet.

Could we save money buying from the large commercial bulk providers?

Sure: But more important than cost is both the quality of the ingredient and the quality/ benefit of the supplier. Our local area is Eco-System that supports us, so we must also choose local suppliers of food regardless of cost, this will in turn benefit our food supply and our local economy. Whenever possible the food should be Organically grown, local, family-owned and also produce a superior product.

With this in mind, these excellent suppliers provide the most tasty and high quality ingredients for all our products:

  • Central Milling: proving a range of Organic and Hi-Protein flours with milling done in Petaluma, CA and Logan Utah. They have been milling flour the old fashion way for over 150 years. This flour is a part of everything we deliver as a bakery so we only want the best for our bakes.
  • Petaluma Creamery: One of the very last turn-key dairies that does it all from animal to product. They provide a rich European-style butter that make our croissants so much better. They also provide cheeses for our Ciabatta Bread too.
  • O’ Live Healthy: With Olives groves in Corning, CA this company provides excellent tasting olives and Olive Oil for our Ciabatta bread.
  • Apricot King: From Hollister, CA this small farm has grown the best Almonds, Walnuts and dried fruit since 1945 that we use in our croissants and breads.
  • Prevedelli Farms: Providing organic apples for our turnovers and other bakes. This farm has been family owned since 1945 and grows the best tasting organic apples.
  • Guittard Chocolate: High quality and fair trade chocolate from this 150 year old, family owned Bay Area company

We feel you can definitely taste the difference when we put the best ingredients we can into all our bakes, it is worth the extra.

Thanks to all our great customers and neighbors for supporting us!

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