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Tour the new kitchen

The kitchen is finished thanks to our resilient contractor; Done Right Home Remodeling. .

A year ago we suffered water damage due to a faulty dishwasher which prompted us to undertake a complete remodel of our existing kitchen. 2020’s Shelter in place orders, online learning and work from home were adaptations we all had to make, but for us we were also challenged with minimal cooking ability, delays in sourcing materials, city permits and so much more.

We stayed patient and worked on designing our new space around our favorite things gardening, cooking and socializing. Our spacious kitchen now opens up to our garden, new professional cooking tools and a generous amount of space devoted to preparing, socializing and enjoying meals.

Our space has been approved by Santa Clara County as a Cottage Food Operation, and we are excited to announce that we have launched our home bakery to our neighbors. Click here to preview our bakery selections.

To fulfill our long term goal of a home restaurant we need your help. Click here to go to Cook Alliance (a non-profit company) to find out more about the new laws to allow home restaurants. The California law that allows home restaurants was passed a few years ago, however, Santa Clara County has yet to adopt the new law. Voice your opinion with your local representatives to make this a reality.

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